Murray Hill Sublet


Murray Hill sublets are great to stay in while you're visiting New York—they are close to many major attractions, but still out of the way enough that it makes for an easy and quick escape from the hectic pace of Midtown. Murray Hill sublets are more affordable than sublets in other Manhattan neighborhoods.

If you’re looking for a sublet in Manhattan (and most people are), it can be difficult to find a reliable one that isn’t too expensive and is cozy and welcoming. Most people who sublet are doing so because they’re not going to be in Manhattan for very long. Murray Hill is choice for temporary lodging as it is in Midtown and right in the middle of everything. A Murray Hill sublet is ideal for someone looking for something temporary and convenient in New York City. Murray Hill is on the East Side of Manhattan and located between 34th and 40th Street. It’s very close to Grand Central Station and that is one of the perks to a Murray Hill sublet.